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"My goal is to pass along practical tips and techniques which will keep good guys from becoming victims. Avoidance, planning and preparedness - these are my areas of emphasis."
Rick Wehrheim, Director

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About Rick Wehrheim

One of the Good Guys!

Director, HomeGuard Associates

Refuse To Be a Victim Program

Seminars featured in the NRA Blog (August 1, 2011) NRA Certified Instructor

Range Safety Officer

NRA Certified Instructor.

NRA Certified Recruiter (XPO24956)

HomeGuard Associates-Recognized for recruiting accomplishments - NRA Recruiter News (May, 2012). Top 25 NRA Recruiters — Southeastern United States

Security Equipment Corporation

Sabre, Civilian Safety Awareness Program. Certified Instructor.

Certified Instructor Basic Pistol

NRA Certified Instructor.

NRA Ring of Freedom

Inducted 2015.

Civilian Emergency Response Team


NRA Regional Grassroots Activities Coordinator


Personal Protection Inside the Home

NRA Certified.

Personal Protection Outside the Home

NRA Certified.

Front Sight Academy

Defensive Pistol Course – Certified Graduate.

Appleseed Project

Long Range Rifle Shooting Graduate.

Citizens’ Academy, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, Florida


Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Fairfax Virginia.

Chairman-Community Safety Committee

Fairfax Virginia.

CCW Permit


U.S. Army- 5 years

Honorably Discharged.

Licensed Private Investigator

5 years (Alexandria, Virginia and Maryland).

NRA Member

Benefactor Level (150154262).


Training the Good Guys!

Rick Wehrheim, Director of HGA, has contributed to numerous publications including Citrus county Life, Homosassa Life, The Village Crier and American Rifleman.