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Unfortunately, crime is a part of modern living even in relatively safe areas like Citrus County. Simply put, a single crime against you or a member of your family will feel like a catastrophic crime wave. It is with this reality in mind that the National Rifle Association (NRA) developed the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar program.

First offered in 1993, the Refuse To Be a Victim program has provided thousands of citizens-young and old, men and women, urban and rural, with practical strategies and tips for avoiding criminals and their schemes. The program is based on the sound principal that the best way to avoid becoming a victim is through the development and implementation of a personal safety strategy before it is needed.
What can you expect at the seminar? Typically two to four hours long, the presentations can be customized for your group’s particular areas of interest or for women only, seniors, etc. Practical information is provided regarding such things as what criminals look for in potential victims, what products truly will help secure your home from a break-in, practical ways of protecting your identity, road rage avoidance, workplace safety, personal response options, computer security, safe shopping strategies, and many other topics. The emphasis of the instruction is preventive in nature. Teaching is aimed at avoidance and making you a far less likely “easy victim” to those predators in our midst. It is important to know that the NRA respects your right to defend yourself by any legal means. However, the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar does not address in detail the use of firearms as a means of self- protection. However, “Less Than Lethal” devices such as pepper spray and stun guns are discussed. Please be aware, a large number of firearms’ use and safety courses are available through other NRA programs.

If you've ever had such questions:



1. What actually makes for a good home security system? Is it worth the cost? Best features?

2. Are dogs really helpful in providing security? If so, what breed? Alternatives?

3. A martial arts course sounds good (and healthy) but what type should I be taking?

4. Are pepper sprays and knives legal to carry where I live? Size, type, proper use?

5. How do I practically secure my home from a break-in without spending a fortune?

6. The car behind me is right on my bumper and laying on his horn. Now what?

7. Isn’t becoming a victim just a matter of bad luck? (hint: NO)


To Whom It may Concern,

This seminar and Mr. Wehrheim's instruction was excellent! The content and presentation of the course is very professional.

I personally feel much more aware of the potential threats facing my home and family and have already taken action to implement some of the straight-forward recommendations.

I highly recommend this course to anyone and encourage all homeowner/condo associations to sponsor one for their residents.

Andrew Maurer
President, Villa Lee Community Association

These are a small sampling of the types of questions dealt with at a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar. Recognition, Preparation, and Avoidance-your keys to Refusing To Be A Victim and is what the program is all about.
Time is allowed for questions from attendees regarding safety issues of personal concern. At the course’s conclusion, students receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a comprehensive personal safety handbook to take home for future reference. Fees for the course depend on the length, nature and level of participation for each seminar. Seminars are often sponsored by social, fraternal or property owner type organizations.

Rick Wehrheim is the Director of HomeGuard Associates located in Homosassa. HGA provides products, seminars, and training for groups and individuals concerning safety and security issues. Mr. Wehrheim is an NRA Certified Instructor and conducts their “Refuse to Be a Victim” seminars. His seminar program was featured in a nationwide NRA newsletter. He is also a Certified Instructor for Security Equipment Corporation’s “Civilian Safety Awareness Program”. Please contact him with any questions or for information regarding upcoming programs. Contact-(352) 503-6931 or Email


Training for the Good Guys!
  • Training

    Training-HGA conducts a specific seminar for the proper use and deployment of non-lethal devices –with an emphasis on various types and containers of pepper spray. Tactics and hands-on training are emphasized. Training equipment and actual state of the art devices are included as well as reference materials. Limited class size. Call or write for additional information and scheduling. Customized seminars are available for your group, organization, etc. Specific program for college students away at school is available.


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Civilian Safety Awareness Program

Training for the Good Guys!
  • Certified Instruction

    SABRE Personal Safety Academy

    A Simple, Affordable Solution to Keep You and Your Family Safe!

    What you will learn:

    • Risk reduction strategies to help discourage potential threats.
    • How to protect yourself at a safe distance.
    • The best self defense technique to escape an attacker.
    • How to protect yourself during high stress encounters.
    • The best techniques to deploy pepper spray safely and effectively.


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