Netflix Numb? Relief Is Coming!

Netflix Numb? Relief is Coming!

July 2020

I’m pleased to announce that HomeGuard newsletter subscribers, like yourself, will receive our premiere podcast within the next week or two. We are pleased to present this new feature to you and hope you’ll find it informative as well as entertaining. The initial podcast will feature a gun store owner from our area who has been in the firearms business for many years and enjoys a sterling reputation in the community. We’ll be discussing such things as:

  • What you should know and do even BEFORE you enter the store;

  • What makes a good gun store and, equally importantly,

  • What makes a good customer;

  • What are the warning signs you’re not getting the type and level of service you need;

  • How do you know you’re getting the “best deal”?

    Answering these and many other questions with a life long, honest, no nonsense firearms dealer will provide you with real “insider” information. As you know, firearms sales are occurring at record levels. After hearing the podcast, you can apply the information to your next shopping trip to make it the best ever.

    Obviously, my face to face NRA recruitment activities have disappeared these last few months due to Covid-19. The NRA, like nearly every organization in our country, is facing unprecedented challenges. Nationwide, incredibly critical elections will rapidly be upon us.

The NRA needs you to step up so that we can support those candidates who support your 2nd Amendment rights. The stakes have never been higher. I encourage you to click the NRA link below and extend or renew your membership on-line today. Also, consider taking out a new membership for your spouse, children, or for a friend.

Stay Safe and Prepared,


"It's Rally Time!"

June 2020