So, You Want To Buy A Gun?

June 2020

As you know, gun sales have understandably skyrocketed in recent months. This was particularly true for new gun owners. Additionally, current gun enthusiasts have also wisely decided to supplement their current inventory as well. Your  choices of available firearms has never been greater. It is with this in mind that this  HomeGuard Podcast is being presented. I sat down Ron Calkins, the highly respected and extremely knowledgeable owner of RPJ Guns. We discussed such topics as:
  • What type of firearm is best for me?
  • What should I be thinking about BEFORE buying a gun?
  • Does it make a difference where I purchase my firearm?
  • Why bother going to a "brick and mortar" store?
  • Where is the gun industry headed?
I'm very pleased to present this first podcast to you and hope you'll find it informative as well as entertaining. Your comments, questions and/or suggestions for future podcast topics are sincerely invited.


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