The Benefits of NRA Membership

The Benefits of National Rifle Association Membership

Inaugural Issue - July 2019


As your Regional NRA Recruiter, I had the pleasure of personally meeting you when you joined, renewed or extended your membership.  Thank you for your continuing support of the National Rifle Association and its unwavering mission of protecting your 2nd Amendment rights. Our continuing success is not possible without you.

While attending events, I am always asked a variety of questions/concerns regarding membership issues, NRA benefits, and a host of general firearms related issues. In an effort to better serve you, I’m offering a free monthly newsletter that will address these areas of interest. Additionally, I’ll provide you with personal safety and security information, strategies, and tips as well as related services and products. The first monthly newsletter will be e-mailed to your mailbox in August.

I am also the Director of my own company, HomeGuard Associates, which enjoys a long standing business affiliation with several world class organizations specializing in personal defense products and services. These companies have been carefully selected by me, and you’ll have the opportunity to consider their timely information and offerings.

You will be able to conveniently renew or extend your NRA membership from the newsletter. Additionally, you may directly communicate to me any questions or concerns about your membership. I’ll also keep you informed about any NRA “special offers” as well as events you may want to attend.

It’s been an honor and pleasure working with you in the past. Our future relationship is of great importance to me, and I hope my newsletter will be of value to you. Meanwhile, please visit for a listing of upcoming NRA Recruitment Events in our area as well as other topics of interest.

Lastly, you are welcome to share this newsletter with friends or associates who, like you, are dedicated to preserving our 2nd Amendment rights.

Thank you.


Rick Wehrheim

NRA Regional Recruiter & Certified Instructor

Director, HomeGuard Associates

Phone: 352-503-6931

"Fly Like An Eagle"

September 2019